The Green Room Collaborative

Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture (CALA) , as part of The Green Room Collaborative (TGRC)  is a regional, national, and international, Phoenix-based landscape architecture practice. The design firms founded by Charles Anderson, FASLA, Charlie Ray, ASLA and Brian Kissinger, are focused on the goal of creating places for civic expression which reveal ecological, art and social phenomena, processes, and relationships.  This strategic partnership brings together vanguard design with youthful energy and with decades of field tested practice. We have an extensive record of award-winning multi-disciplinary park, botanical garden, plaza, open space and residential projects.


Most of our projects involve public participation, including collaborations with community and neighborhood groups and public presentations. Examples of our civic-scale projects include the Metropolitan Park in Athens Greece, International Peace Garden Project Canada/USA and the Olympic Sculpture Park for the Seattle Art Museum. Our residential work is unsurpassed in both quality and breadth of scale. This work includes the smallest of gardens to extensive estate projects. Whether small or large, our work is always tailored to the client, collaborating designers and especially for those planned to use it.


Our commitment to art, ecology, horticulture, and the exploration of landscape form is complemented by an extensive background in all levels of the design and construction processes. Furthermore, we have the interest, knowledge and experience to understand and implement a strategy for project funding and promotion. From the earliest stages of a project, we are committed to provide creative, efficient, and highly personalized professional services.



Matt Thomas, Brian Kissinger, Charlie Ray, Amanda Clayton, Charles Anderson


Charles Anderson, FASLA,  Director of Landscape Architecture

Practicing landscape architect for over 25 years, Charles Anderson has crafted numerous award-winning projects recognized for their ability to integrate art, nature and cultural elements. With degrees in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University and Harvard and has a penchant for teaching, he continues his query of art and science on his chosen profession. His work is grounded in horticulture and ecology which forms the basis for an evolving body of work that highlights the transformative processes of ecological systems, creating socially-relevant spaces and galvanizing the energy of others to advocate for landscape and open space.


There are two distinct threads that are part of every project and which also define the trajectory of the larger body of work. The first is a genuine love of nature, rooted from growing up out-of-doors, on the rolling plains of North Dakota. The second is a passion for the arts, particularly land art, and sculpture. Pivotal are the works of Robert Smithson and James Turrell who share a fascination with the study of light, landscape as art, and metamorphosis. The love of wild landscapes and contemporary art inform the work philosophically and provide a lens through which the projects can be understood. Using a palette of predominantly native plants and materials, Charles brings wild, dynamic landscapes into the city—elevating the “wild garden” to urban art.


Arizona Landscape Architect License #63436, Licensed in California and Washington State


Charlie Ray, ASLA, Director of Landscape Design

With the formation of The Green Room in 2005, Charlie has had the opportunity to design exceptional landscapes which represents his passion for nature, art, and the connection to  people and places. Charlie’s innate understating and design sensibility was cultivated by his parents at a formative age while growing up in the inspiring Sonoran Desert. His collective education, in the School of Architecture and Fine Art at UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts, and Arizona State University, introduced him to a number of extraordinary design mentors that played a significant role throughout his education and career.


Mr. Ray has been recognized for designing a distinguished and notable body of commercial and private estate work throughout the country. Within this diversity, a common design tread exists which celebrates nature, people, and places, while creating an environment which elevates one’s experience and heightens the senses. Mr. Ray’s design acumen and extensive knowledge of natural and architectural materials allows him to design outdoor spaces that transcend environments and creates a timeless appeal.  Charlie’s passion for creating stunning and compelling landscapes has become a natural extension of himself, while celebrating people and nature together in the most meaningful way.


Brian Kissinger, Director of Horticulture

Brian is a Horticulturist with decades of thoughtful garden design, enhancing architecture and lives. Brian has focused on Public, Estate, and Private Garden and Botanical Garden design development. He believes that first and foremost in every project is the attention to detail. This is the key to creating lasting beauty and success. From conception to completion, Brian has been dedicated to the highest level of production of dreams realized in outdoor settings.


As a collaborator, principal and project manager, he has worked with many professional agencies, non-profits, as well as architects artists and designers. As the former Director of Horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, he has raised horticultural awareness and it’s part in the Gardens choreography.


Brian is a proponent of an integrative design process, with all stakeholders at the table from the inception, through construction and afterwards. His role in our collaboration is as designer and advocate for Botanical Gardens world wide. He approaches all institutional projects from a very experienced, specific and insider knowledge.