• Twenty years ago, Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture (CALA), arose from the fabric of the innovation mecca - Seattle, Washington. The office moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2009, re-energized by the Sonoran Desert spirit. Charles was inducted to the ASLA College of Fellows, for works, in 2007. He received a BSLA from Washington State University and an MLA from Harvard. With over 100 awards for design, including (5) ASLA national and (20) state chapter awards, these collaborative projects are the results of an exemplary design process, not always easy, but always unique and site driven. Two distinct threads inform every project and define the trajectory of the larger body of work. The first is a genuine love of nature, started on the rolling plains of North Dakota and from traversing the planet. The second is rooted in the arts, particularly land art, sculpture, the study of light, landscape as art, and metamorphosis. He explores all of his projects by drawing, using red pencils to make "red drawings", equally for conceptual design and matters more technical. This has become a trademark of his practice. This love of wild landscapes and contemporary art is the lens through which the work evolves. With a palette of predominantly native plants and materials, Charles brings wild, dynamic landscapes into the city, elevating the “wild garden” to urban art. With a commitment to native plants everywhere on this planet, and a keen eye to the art and craft of vanguard design. In this age of tumultuous environmental and cultural issues, namely, climate change and social injustice, the appropriate and visionary design is the voice for these vital concerns. Charles is energized by public speaking, often looking for the humor of our "collective" on this planet and soon others.

CALA Principal and Design Lead


Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects


As a national and international consulting firm, we employ a myriad of ways to assemble a team to implement projects of every scale. There are instances where bringing larger firms on board or we draw from a pool of amazing design consultants, some we have worked with for decades. We are nimble but our work speaks for itself. For us nothing is more important than the results, results that are unexpected, exemplary and grounded.


Our portfolio is our marketing. If you have a project that needs something "different", something that escapes the boundaries of trends and convention, we're the ones, we can build a team or join a team that marries art with technology but grown from the geology and ecology of this amazing planet.


No project is too big or too complicated . In fact both of those are the challenges we seek. Nothing is too small either, the same process yields the same result of images embedded in  your mind of something more than landscape.


Landscape Architect License; Arizona #63436, California #4130 and Washington #560